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School Safety Message

Like so many of you, we are saddened and deeply troubled by yesterday’s tragic events in Florida. The horrible news has us focusing more on the ones we love. I sent a request to our schools asking principals and teachers to be extra vigilant as they interact with students and fellow employees. We have counselors ready to assist anyone who may need help dealing with this horrible news.  

Salt Lake City School District is committed to doing all we can to keep your students safe. All of our school employees receive training on how to respond in emergency situations. Each school in our district has an Emergency Preparedness plan and conducts emergency drills on a regular basis. Our elementary schools lock all doors except the front door, and other schools keep doors locked whenever possible to limit access to our buildings. We have security cameras in and around all schools and are in the process of installing front door security cameras and buzzers at our elementary schools. We have full-time school resource officers assigned to our high schools, and they can respond to our middle and elementary schools quickly.  

Keeping schools safe requires all of us. Security cameras can’t see everywhere. Principals and teachers can’t hear every conversation. We humbly ask for your help. If you or your student/s see something or read something in a text message or on social media that doesn’t seem right, please tell someone. You can report such information to a teacher, your principal, or a police officer. We also encourage you to download and use the SafeUT app, which provides 24/7 access to crisis counseling and school safety tip reports. After installing the app, you can report a confidential tip on bullying, school threats of violence, or concern about someone in crisis, or you can connect directly to the UNI CrisisLine.  

Thank you in advance for your help as we work to keep our schools safe and secure. 

Yours in education, 

Dr. Lexi Cunningham 
Salt Lake City School District

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