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Board of Education Approves SLCSE-Bryant STEM Track

Tuesday night, the Salt Lake City School Board approved a proposal, presented by Bryant Middle School Principal Larry Madden, to expand the Salt Lake Center for Science Education (SLCSE) and Bryant Middle School into one STEM track. Currently, Bryant Middle School is a general education middle school for students in grades 7-8, and SLCSE is a STEM-focused public charter school for students in grades 6-12. Both are part of the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD). 

With the changes approved Tuesday night, Bryant Middle School will become a STEM-focused middle school (grades 7-8), and SLCSE will continue as a STEM-focused high school and will only serve grades 9-12. Sixth grade will not be offered in the SLCSE system at this time. Because SLCSE currently accepts students from grades 6-12, the transition will take place gradually, over the next several years. 

Bryant Middle School Principal Larry Madden, who was also one of the original founders of SLCSE, said, “I am thrilled to have the unanimous support of our school board for this change. We’ve seen great student success with the SLCSE model, and I am excited to give even more students the opportunity to experience this curriculum across two campuses.”  

The SLCSE model, in addition to being a STEM-based curriculum, involves teachers collaborating and focusing on knowing their students well enough to provide for each student’s individual learning needs. For some, that might mean additional academic support. For others, that might mean providing more advanced curriculum. But what this change means for both campuses is that all students will be given the opportunity to participate in a rigorous curriculum and will have the tools they need to succeed. 

Salt Lake City School Board Vice President Katherine Kennedy said, “I’m excited for this change and especially for the innovative educational opportunities this will provide for students in our school district. This change will be especially meaningful to students in my precinct (Avenues and Capitol Hill), where Bryant is our neighborhood middle school. The focus on STEM education, while also honoring other subjects, is a wonderful way for Bryant to challenge our SLCSD students.” 

Dr. Lexi Cunningham, Salt Lake City School District Superintendent, said, “We are thrilled for this new partnership between SLCSE and Bryant Middle School. The SLCSE model and culture will only serve to enhance the good work that is already happening at Bryant Middle School. And turning SLCSE into a small high school will help us reach students who might fly under the radar in a larger school setting. We look forward to extending this educational opportunity to even more students in the coming years.” 

Any student who resides within the Bryant Middle School boundaries may attend middle school (grades 7-8) at the Bryant campus (40 S. 800 E. Salt Lake City, UT). Students who wish to attend Bryant Middle School who reside outside of Bryant boundaries may submit a Standard Open Enrollment Application during the early enrollment period (December 1, 2018 through February 15, 2019) for the upcoming school year by visiting link to Early Open Enrollment 

Students who wish to attend high school at the SLCSE Rose Park campus (1400 W. Goodwin Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT) should complete an application before February 15, 2019 to be considered for acceptance for 2019-20 school year. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available slots, students will be selected through a lottery process in March 2019. SLCSE application information can be found at: SLCSE website by contacting the school directly at (801) 578-8226. 

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