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USEF Awards

We have amazing students in Salt Lake City School District, and many of our students won awards in the recent University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair. 

The University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair (USEF) is an annual science & engineering competition for students in grades 5-12. Participation in science fair stimulates student's interest in science and technology while simultaneously promoting the development of communication, decision making, evaluation of alternative solutions and critical thinking.

Congratulations to the award winners!

USEF 2020 - Junior Division
Biology & Biochemistry - Third Place
Grant Eliason & James Eliason
West High
Adventures in Aquaponics

Chemistry - Second Place
Eva Zemp & Emily Cooper
Clayton Middle School
Cookie Chemistry

Engineering: Materials & Biomedical - Second Place
George Smith & Sam Limburg
Hillside Middle School
Do you even wax, Bro?

Medicine & Health Sciences - First Place
Eric Lu
West High
Coding for Codeine!

Plant Sciences - Third Place
Rebecca Leavitt & Mckenzie Coleman
Hillside Middle School
Radio-Frequency Radiation and Plant Growth

USEF 2020 - Elementary Division
Biology & Biochemistry - Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Weidhaas
Beacon Heights Elementary
You are what you spit

Earth & Environmental Sciences – Third Place
Agatha Hunnicutt
Whittier Elementary
Alert! Alert! There's orange peels in the dirt!

Earth & Environmental Sciences - Honorable Mention
Anna Skliar
Whittier Elementary
Environmentally Safe Alternatives to Road Salt

Earth & Environmental Sciences - Honorable Mention
Bianka Chavez
Emerson Elementary
Gone Down Stream

Engineering: Materials & Biomedical - Second Place
Emily Jackson, Kamy Seavey & Elliana Allen
Dilworth Elementary
Absorbent or Not

Engineering: Mechanical - Second Place
Liam Nicholson
Emerson Elementary
Does the number of blades on a wind turbine affect the amount of energy produced?

Medicine & Health Sciences - Honorable Mention
Gavin Reilly
Uintah Elementary
Effects of E-Cigarette Vape Liquids on Lung Epithelial Cells

Physics, Astronomy & Math - Honorable Mention
Madeleine Stolz
Hawthorne Elementary 
What’s the Deal? In shuffling cards, seven’s the lucky number!

Plant Sciences - First Place
Tymon Nitecki
Uintah Elementary
GE or Non-GE? Which Corn Has More DNA and Protein?

Plant Sciences - Second Place
Sonora ("Nora") Clayton
Uintah Elementary 
Stomatal Density of Woody Plants vs. Vines

Plant Sciences - Third Place
Leif Kious
Bonneville Elementary
Pumpkin Preservation

USEF 2020 – Special Awards – Elementary and Junior Divisions
Office of Naval Research / U.S. Navy / U.S. Marine Corps.
Kai Gerton
West High
Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate vs. Experience and Age in Scuba Diving

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