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School Will Start on Monday

Dear families, 

After meeting with representatives from the city, Rocky Mountain Power, and our district leadership, we have decided to cancel school on Friday. Monday will be the first day of school for Salt Lake City School District. We know this will be disappointing news for many who are anxious to start the school year. We are anxious to get back into the virtual classroom too. But to start tomorrow, when many across Salt Lake City may still not have power, is not the right decision. 

I want to offer my deepest apologies to our students and families, to our employees, and to all those who have been impacted by our decisions this week. I know many teachers AND students were already online on Tuesday and today when they received news of the school cancellations. We are grateful for your patience and for your flexibility. 

We know the day to day uncertainty has added additional stress to you, and we hope that the knowledge that school will be delayed until Monday will help families across the city get through the rest of the week while recovering from the impacts of the storm. And we hope this will also help many of our students, especially our students with disabilities or other struggles, for whom consistency and dependability are especially crucial. Even if every family had electricity tomorrow, we know many are still dealing with loss and destruction of property. We hope this additional time will help our families and students and teachers be ready to start with a clean slate on Monday. 

We are thankful for our Child Nutrition teams, who were able to get back to work quickly and provide meals for students with minimal interruption. Tomorrow, and going forward, our Grab and Go student meals will be available at their normal times and their regular locations. 

To those who went to great lengths this week to make sure their students were able to get online, thank you for your dedication and your commitment. We are equally committed to making sure our students get the best education we can offer, and we will be ready for them on Monday morning. 


Larry Madden 
Interim Superintendent 
Salt Lake City School District 

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