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Disclosure Documents

All teachers must have a disclosure document for each course that they teach. These disclosures explain your course expectations for students. They are public-facing documents that can be translated into the languages your families need through translation services. Plan early so you can have them back in time to post and share at the beginning of the year!

Specific elements are listed in Board Administrative Procedure I-8: Administrative Procedures Student Progress and Academic Achievement:

 I. Open Disclosure Documents

A. Administrators are expected to annually provide students and parents with information about the school, course offerings, rules and expectations, calendars and activities, and other pertinent information.

B. At the beginning of each school year, teachers must prepare an open disclosure document for each course they teach and distribute it to parents.

C. Disclosure documents must contain the following:

  1. goals and objectives of the course or curriculum, including a tentative calendar of major assignments, projects, and tests;
  2. course requirements and class expectations, including any special rules or conditions for students;
  3.  information about the types of instructional activities or projects for the class;
  4. grading methods or procedures, including how attendance, participation, absences, and late or missed assignments will be handled (such information must be consistent with board policy);
  5. teacher contact information;
  6. information about all instructional materials to be used, with specific notation of any materials that may be considered sensitive under prevailing community standards (see, Section V of the I-7: Administrative Procedures); and;
  7. other appropriate information that may be necessary for a student to succeed in the class.

D. Administrators will collect and approve an open disclosure document from each teacher for each course to be taught. All disclosure documents will be uploaded to the school’s website and linked to the teacher’s information.

E. Teachers should review the information in the open disclosure document with students at the beginning of the course, year, or semester.