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Late Start Information

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Salt Lake City School District is studying whether or not the district should change high school start and end times to at least 30 minutes later to allow high school students more sleep. This policy is called late start.

Studies have shown that late start in high school reduces sleep deprivation in students. High school students who get inadequate amounts of sleep are significantly more likely to have symptoms of depression and anxiety. In high schools where late start policies have been adopted, students have measurably lower anxiety levels, better emotional stability, better impulse control, and increased academic and athletic performance.

Implementing late start in the Salt Lake City School District would require adjusting start and end times for nearly every school. Delaying high school start times would have a ripple effect on transportation and busing for middle and elementary schools, impacting their start times and end times as well.

In order to make an informed decision, the Board of Education has spent time in study sessions to learn about the pros and cons of late start, has listened to informal community input, and has contracted a firm, Y2Analytics, to gather community input in a more formal manner. Y2Analytics has hosted focus groups with members of our community and surveyed hundreds of our parents and employees. which has yielded important feedback. 

Y2Analytics recently reported on their findings. You can find a link to a PDF copy of the Y2Analytics report as well as some late start options, compiled by our district staff and presented to the Board of Education, below. The information is available in English and Spanish. 


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