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Child Nutrition




Apply for Meal Benefits EVERY school year!

Last years application does NOT carry over!

The Salt Lake City School District recognizes that a poor diet negatively impacts students’ health, and their ability and motivation to learn. The child nutrition program provides students access to the varied and nutritious foods they need to stay healthy and energized to succeed year round.

Here are a few examples of how we go the extra mile at Salt Lake City School District to provide healthy meals that are affordable and accessible to our students:

  1. The Salt Lake City School District waives the federal reduced price meal rate. Therefore, all students who qualify for federal Free or Reduced Price Meal Benefits are eligible to receive one free student breakfast and one free student lunch each day they attend any of our schools.
  2. The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) ensures that all registered students at the school, regardless of income level, are eligible to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch each day they attend. CEP schools include Bennion, Edison, Meadowlark, Liberty, and Riley.
  3. Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) significantly increases breakfast consumption among school children and nutritional gains associated with the morning meal. All registered students at the school, regardless of income level, are eligible to receive one free breakfast each day they attend. Participating BIC schools include Backman, Bryant, Escalante, Horizonte, Liberty, Meadowlark, Mountain View, Riley, Rose Park, and Washington.
  4. The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) was created by the USDA to build healthier school environments and reduce childhood obesity by teaching children healthier eating habits. Schools participating in FFVP include Backman, Bennion, Edison, Escalante, Franklin, Liberty, Mountain View, Newman, Nibley Park, North Star, Parkview, Riley, Rose Park, Washington and Whittier. 

School lunch offers five food groups (protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and milk). Student meals are subsidized in full or in part by federal funds ONLY when a student selects a reimbursable meal that includes at least an option from three (3) separate food groups, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.

Student Meal Prices (federally subsidized):

  • Elementary Schools: Breakfast $1.00 / Lunch $2.00
  • Middle Schools: Breakfast $1.20 / Lunch $2.30
  • High Schools: Breakfast $1.20 / Lunch $2.50

Additional Meal Options:

  • Adult Meal: Breakfast $2.50 / Lunch $3.50

Note: Second student meals and non-enrolled children will be charged the adult meal price.

  • Single Food Items: Entrée $2.00 / Fruit, Vegetable, or Side Dish $1.00 / Milk or Juice $0.50 


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Kelly Orton
Kelly Orton Director-Child Nutrition

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