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Child Nutrition


SEAMLESS SUMMER MEAL SITES - (starts June 8, 2021)

On June 8, the Salt Lake City School District transitioned into a seamless summer feeding program that provides DRIVE THRU meal service at 18 designated locations throughout the city. Grab and Go Combi meals (Lunch today, Breakfast for tomorrow) will be provided Monday through Friday during the hours of 11:00 am until 12:30 pm for children 18 years and younger.  

Summer meals may be picked up by the student or their parent / guardian at any participating school during the designated serving times.

All meals will be pre-sacked and offered in a manner to protect students, kitchen staff, and the public from COVID-19. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide more than one menu option each day because of these constraints. Our menus are completely “pork free” and peanut butter will not be served to students who eat on campus at elementary schools.

To learn more click on our "Grab & Go Meals" link above..


Kelly Orton

Kelly Orton


Office Staff