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Apply now for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Benefits by clicking the "Apply Now" button below.

We encourage parents to submit an application/reapply per household each year (beginning July 1st) or be directly certified by the state to receive free or reduced-price meal benefits. Please be aware this is a separate application than a school fee waiver. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals will be charged for their meals.

If you have questions or concerns about your child's Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits, please email us at or call Janely Guzman at the Child Nutrition Department at (801) 974-8380.

Alentamos a los padres a presentar una solicitud/nueva solicitud por hogar cada año (a partir del 1 de julio) o ser certificados directamente por el estado para recibir beneficios de comidas gratis o a precio reducido. Tenga en cuenta que esta es una solicitud separada de una exención de cuotas escolares. A los estudiantes que no califiquen para comidas gratis oa precio reducido se les cobrará por sus comidas.

Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes sobre los beneficios de comidas gratuitas o de precio reducido de su hijo, envíenos un correo electrónico a o llame a Janely Guzman en el Departamento de Nutrición Infantil al (801) 974-8380.

Meal Prices for SY' 2023-2024

FREE or REDUCED Price Student Meals (federally subsidized reimbursable meal)

  • ALL Schools: Lunch - $0.00 / Breakfast - $0.00

PAID Student Meals (partially subsidized reimbursable meal)

  • Elementary Schools: Lunch - $2.00 / Breakfast - $1.00
  • Middle Schools: Lunch - $2.30 / Breakfast - $1.20
  • High Schools: Lunch - $2.50 / Breakfast - $1.20

Non-Program Sales (not subsidized)

Non-program foods such as second meals, adult meals, and single menu items (milk, fruit, vegetable, chips, etc.) can be purchased via an online meal account or with a meal ticket purchased at the school office.

  • Adult and Second Meals: Lunch - $3.75 / Breakfast - $2.75
  • Single Food Items - Entrée $2.00 / Fruit, Vegetable, or Side Dish $1.00 / Milk or Juice $0.50 

     IMPORTANT: Second student meals and non-enrolled child meals will be charged the full adult meal price

If you have questions or concerns about your child's meal charges, please email us at or call the Child Nutrition Department at (801) 974-8380.

What is a federally subsidized Reimbursable Meal?

Reimbursable Meal: A meal which meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations and may be claimed for payment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Reimbursable Student Lunch:

It is recommended that each student lunch selection includes one component from all five food groups:  Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Milk, and Meat/Meat Alternate.  At a minimum, to qualify as a reimbursable lunch the student MUST select the following:

1)      Student MUST select at least three (3) components, each from a different food group; and

2)      One (1) component selected MUST be either a fruit or a vegetable (minimum ½ cup)


Reimbursable Student Breakfast:

It is recommended that each student breakfast selection includes a Main Entrée (grain or meat/meat alternate), a fruit and a milk component.  At a minimum, to qualify as a reimbursable breakfast the student must select the following:

1)      Student MUST select at least one (1) Main Entrée (grain or meat/meat alternate); and

2)      One (1) component selected MUST be a fruit (minimum ½ cup)

Pandemic EBT for SLC School District Families

If you have a child attending a school in Salt Lake City School District and have questions or concerns about the parent initiated issuance for Pandemic EBT, contact Janely Guzman by phone (801) 974-8380 or by email

2023 Summer P-EBT


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Kelly Orton



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