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BE AWARE - Starting August 29, school meals will no longer be free to all children. Households MUST qualify their children for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits to receive free school meals. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced meal benefits at time of service, or do not attend a designated CEP school site, will be charged for their school meal.Student Meal Prices for SY' 2022-2023 

  • Elementary Schools: Breakfast - $1.00 / Lunch - $2.00

  • Middle Schools: Breakfast - $1.20 / Lunch - $2.30

  • High Schools: Breakfast - $1.20 / Lunch - $2.50

Non-program foods such as second meals, adult meals, and single menu items (milk, fruit, vegetable, chips, etc.) can be purchased via an online meal account or with a meal ticket purchased at the school office.

  • Adult Meals and Second Meals - Breakfast $2.75 / Lunch $3.75

  • Single Food Items - Entrée $2.00 / Fruit, Vegetable, or Side Dish $1.00 / Milk or Juice $0.50 

Note: Second meals and adult meals will be charged the adult meal price


Payment Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or feel that your student meal account balance is not correct, contact Toni Cornay the Finance Specialist at Salt Lake City School District Child Nutrition Department. If Toni Cornay is not available, our trained team of support specialists are available during office hours to assist you as well. 

Contact Toni or any of our support specialists at..


Phone: (801) 974-8380

A form is also available below for inquiries