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Educational Equity and Student Support


            Education is an act of love, and thus an act of courage

                                                                                                                                                       Paolo Freire

The Educational Equity and Student Support Department exists to support schools in providing every student with equal and equitable access to meaningful educational experiences that will prepare them for success in life and career.

In collaboration with students, families, schools, district departments and community, we commit to the following priorities:

  • support and advocate for ALL students and families;
  • nurture a culture of listening, learning and responding to ALL stakeholders;
  • cultivate spaces for inclusive, safe, and constructive conversations; and
  • foster belief in self and community.


Sandra Buendia
Sandra Buendia Executive Director Educational Equity and Student Support

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Verenice Gutierrez Director - Educational Equity and Access Send Verenice Gutierrez a Message
Emily Sutherland Director Social and Emotional Learning Send Emily Sutherland a Message
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Mindi Holmdahl Director-Student Services and Counseling Send Mindi Holmdahl a Message
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