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Title I


Title I is a federal education program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, reauthorized as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in 2001. Title I, Part A provides Utah with federal funds each year to help higher poverty schools strengthen educational services for disadvantaged students.

Fifteen elementary schools and three middle schools in Salt Lake City School District receive funding through Title I. Additionally, two charter schools in the school district receive Title I funding. In addition to the funding provided directly to eligible schools, Title I also funds salaries for academic coaches and additional pay for effective teachers to provide extra instruction for students who are not yet proficient.

What are the goals of Title I?

  • Help students to achieve academic success in reading/language arts and mathematics;
  • Increase student performance in high poverty schools through school wide reform;
  • Build teacher capacity through quality professional development; and
  • Enhance parents’ abilities to help their children succeed through quality parental involvement activities.

School, teacher, and student progress are measured using the SAGE Assessment in language arts and math. Students who are not yet proficient are expected to improve their achievement with additional support provided by Title I. Schools that are low performing and making inadequate progress are identified as either Priority or Focus schools under the new UCAS Accountability System. These schools receive additional Title I resources and support and have enhanced expectations for improvement.


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Missy Mackay-Whiteurs Director-District-Wide Athletics and Coordinator-Title One

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