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Child Nutrition


SchoolCafe is a state-of-the-art online service that provides you the convenience to manage your student’s meal account and apply for free meal benefits all at one place. To aid in managing your student’s account on-the-go, SchoolCafe also has a free mobile app available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Every household must create a SchoolCafe account before accessing their student lunch account or applying for free meal benefits. Be ready to provide your child(ren)’s full registered name, student ID number, and the school enrolled. All questions regarding your child’s registered name or student ID number must be directed to the main school office where your child is enrolled.

Note: New students to the district must be enrolled and obtain a student ID number before creating an account.

Salt Lake City School District 2024 Summer Food Service Program- All kids 18 and under are welcome to join us for free meals at a variety of nearby schools and parks this summer.


2024 SLCSD Summer Food Service Program Sites

If your student is graduating or leaving the district, please email to request a refund, donate, or transfer the balance to another student account.

Meal Prices for SY' 2024-2025

FREE or REDUCED Price Student Meals (federally subsidized reimbursable meal)

  • ALL Schools: Lunch - $0.00 / Breakfast - $0.00

PAID Student Meals (partially subsidized reimbursable meal)

  • Elementary Schools: Lunch - $2.00 / Breakfast - $1.00
  • Middle Schools: Lunch - $2.30 / Breakfast - $1.20
  • High Schools: Lunch - $2.50 / Breakfast - $1.20

Non-Program Sales (not subsidized)

Non-program foods such as second meals, adult meals, and single menu items (milk, fruit, vegetable, chips, etc.) can be purchased with a meal ticket purchased at the school office.

  • Adult and Second Meals: Lunch - $3.75 / Breakfast - $2.75
  • Single Food Items - Entrée $2.00 / Fruit, Vegetable, or Side Dish $1.00 / Milk or Juice $0.50 

     IMPORTANT: Second student meals and non-enrolled child meals will be charged the full adult meal price

If you have questions or concerns about your child's meal charges, please email us at or call the Child Nutrition Department at (801) 974-8380.

What is a federally subsidized Reimbursable Meal?

Reimbursable Meal: A meal which meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations and may be claimed for payment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Reimbursable Student Lunch:

It is recommended that each student lunch selection includes one component from all five food groups:  Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Milk, and Meat/Meat Alternate.  At a minimum, to qualify as a reimbursable lunch the student MUST select the following:

1)      Student MUST select at least three (3) components, each from a different food group; and

2)      One (1) component selected MUST be either a fruit or a vegetable (minimum ½ cup)


Reimbursable Student Breakfast:

It is recommended that each student breakfast selection includes a Main Entrée (grain or meat/meat alternate), a fruit and a milk component.  At a minimum, to qualify as a reimbursable breakfast the student must select the following:

1)      Student MUST select at least one (1) Main Entrée (grain or meat/meat alternate); and

2)      One (1) component selected MUST be a fruit (minimum ½ cup)


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Kelly Orton


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