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Special Education and 504


The Special Education department assists schools in ensuring that identified students with disabilities receive special education and related services in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Education Act (IDEIA). A full–range of Special Education programs and related services are available from preschool to post-high school transition.


HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

TO OUTSIDE AGENCIES: Please fax file requests in writing to 801-578-8536.


Shelley Halverson
Shelley Halverson Director-Special Education

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Nicole Suchey
Nicole Suchey Coordinator-Special Education

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Name Title Contact
Jody Molina Accountant I Send Jody Molina a Message
Antonio Dudley Admin Assistant - Department Send Antonio Dudley a Message
Liliana Juarez Torres Admin Secretary Department/School Send Liliana Juarez Torres a Message
Jeff Spencer Education Specialist Send Jeff Spencer a Message
Mindy Cook Education Specialist Send Mindy Cook a Message
Melanie Francis Education Specialist Send Melanie Francis a Message
Kathy Gage Education Specialist Send Kathy Gage a Message
Heather Read Physical Therapist Send Heather Read a Message
Judi Yaworsky School Nurse Send Judi Yaworsky a Message
David Anderson Education Specialist Send David Anderson a Message
Cotie McMahon Education Specialist Send Cotie McMahon a Message
Jennifer Graves Education Specialist Send Jennifer Graves a Message
Anne Winter Occupational Therapist Send Anne Winter a Message
Ali Geyer Occupational Therapist Send Ali Geyer a Message
Tiffany Lord Vision Therapist Send Tiffany Lord a Message
Emilee Barnum Education Specialist Send Emilee Barnum a Message
Jessica Lamb Education Specialist - Consultant Functional Send Jessica Lamb a Message
Jason Salvesen Education Specialist Send Jason Salvesen a Message
Kelly Bowerman Education Specialist Send Kelly Bowerman a Message
Sarah Harward School Psychologist Send Sarah Harward a Message
Miriam Bales Education Specialist Send Miriam Bales a Message
Sarah Daniels Education Specialist Send Sarah Daniels a Message
Heidi Dolan Testing/Compliance Assistant Send Heidi Dolan a Message
Thomas Kass Testing/Compliance Assistant Send Thomas Kass a Message
Laurie Newfarmer Education Specialist Send Laurie Newfarmer a Message
Janene Christensen Education Specialist Send Janene Christensen a Message
Lucy Jacob-Nichols School Psychologist Send Lucy Jacob-Nichols a Message
Megan Wanzek School Psychologist Send Megan Wanzek a Message
Laura Miller School Psychologist Send Laura Miller a Message
Nina Lozier School Psychologist Send Nina Lozier a Message
Jason Basinger School Psychologist Send Jason Basinger a Message
Sharon Noble School Psychologist Send Sharon Noble a Message
Robin Weiner School Psychologist Send Robin Weiner a Message
Haley Thomas School Psychologist Send Haley Thomas a Message
Ena Lowry Contract Psychologist Assist Send Ena Lowry a Message
Emily Maxwell Education Specialist Send Emily Maxwell a Message
Carolyn Kraft-Grauer Education Specialist Send Carolyn Kraft-Grauer a Message
Michele Sage Education Specialist Send Michele Sage a Message
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