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AAMP Information & Schools


2023-2024 AAMP Program Information

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) is designed to serve gifted and high ability students in two service models in elementary and middle schools:
1.  Magnet Gifted & Talented (full time; grades K-8).
2.  Advanced Academics & Mentorship (AAMP) (part time; grades 4-8).  

Elementary AAMP (part time)

ALL elementary schools have AAMP services.  
1.  AAMP serves students in a pull-out program in grades 4-6 in a student’s neighborhood elementary school for up
      to 3 hours per week.
2.  Students are found eligible for AAMP through an assessment process.

Discovery Groups
1.  Discovery Groups offer part time enrichment for skill development in grades K-3.
2.  Each elementary school schedules their Discovery Groups differently.
3.  For more information, reach out to the AAMP teacher at your neighborhood school. 

Middle School ELP (part time)

Middle School part time ELP classes are housed at Clayton, Glendale, Hillside and Northwest.
1.  Middle school students can self-select into NELP/Honors classes, no assessment is required.  Though not a Magnet
      class, NELP/Honors are still more rigorous and advanced than general education classes. 
2.  NELP/Honors classes are offered in up to four core subjects.  These include language arts, science, social studies
      and mathematics.  In these classes, students perform at an accelerated pace with complex and in-depth content.