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District Mobile App Overview

Salt Lake City School District is excited to announce that we are rolling out a new mobile app. The mobile app will provide quick access to some of our most relevant information found on our district websites. Please reference the documentation below for information on how to install, configure, and use the district mobile app.

Our district mobile application is available for both Android and Apple devices. Below you will find links and guidance on how to locate the application for either platform.

Android: Google Play

Apple: Apple Store

The home tab of the district mobile app contains news and upcoming events posted at the district level. This might contain school information but only if it was posted at the district level. To get information posted by your schools please configure you preferred school and use the news, calendars, and directory tabs to view that content.

District Mobile App Home Tab

After installing the district mobile app, you will be able to select your preferred schools and locations when access the news, calendars, or directory tabs using the "Select My Schools" button. After initial selections have been made, you will need to use the instructions in the "After Initial Locations Have Been Selected" section.

Once you have made selections for your preferred schools and locations you will need to use the "My Schools" button at the top of the "More" tab to reconfigure what locations you want to see content when accessing the news, calendars, and directory tabs.


Before Any Locations Have Been Selected

Configure Schools and Locations After Install

After Initial Locations Have Been Selected

Reconfigure Schools and Locations

The news, calendars, and directory tabs show content from your selected schools and locations. You can apply additional filtering on to the news and calendars tabs by select the filter option in the top left corner of the app.

The news tab will show new posts from the school’s website.

The calendars tab will have events posted on the school’s calendar. School will have multiple calendars used to categorize different events so filtering might be useful here if you are looking for specific types of events.

The directory tab will show all employee that work at the schools you have select to see under the "My Schools" link found no the "More" tab.


News Tab
Calendars Tab
Directory Tab

Filtering News and Calendars

Filter News
Filter Calendars

You can find school and location contact details from the "More" tab under the "School Contacts" link. Schools and locations are grouped and sorted alphabetically.

More Tab School Contacts
Select School Contact
Backman Contact Information

On the more tab you will also find additional resource links. These resources are some of the most commonly accessed web resources throughout the district.

Additional Resources