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Your best choice in education is the Salt Lake City School District. All of our schools are committed to the district’s vision of Excellence and Equity: every student, every classroom, every day. In keeping with this vision, our schools offer academically rigorous classes based on the Utah Core curriculum, hold high expectations for all students, respond to individual student needs, and provide a safe and healthy environment for student learning. 

We believe every child can learn, and Salt Lake City School District has programs and services to assist all students and families. By offering a wide array of programs and services, we strive to the meet the needs of every child and offer a variety of choices to every parent. In our district, you will find traditional schools and programs, K-8 schools, charter schools, language immersion programs, and much more. Our teachers are highly qualified, professionally trained, and coached in the use of successful and proven teaching strategies. Not every child learns the same way, so our teachers and staff work to foster learning environments that challenge and engage students to develop their innate talents, abilities, and interests to the fullest. 

Public education continues to play a vital role in today’s society, and I am confident that Salt Lake City School District is the right choice for many students and parents. All children deserve the chance to reach their highest potential. We hope your children will be able to grow up in our schools and find out first-hand what great educators and staff we have working in Salt Lake City. Make Salt Lake City School District your first choice.

To learn more about Early Open Enrollment, use the links in the Table of Contents. To review our schools and the learning options they offer, go to the Schools section on this website and click on a school's name to see the list of learning options available at that school. 

Yours in education,
Salt Lake City School District


Mindi Holmdahl

Mindi Holmdahl

Director-Student Services and Counseling


Erika Becerra

Erika Becerra

Admin Secretary - Department/School
Machele Page

Machele Page

Admin Assistant - Department