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School Leadership and Performance


Rebecca Pittam

Rebecca Pittam

Interim Executive Director School Leadership


Angelina Tovar

Angelina Tovar

Admin Asst To Exec Director
Brian Conley

Brian Conley

Network Director-East
Christopher Gesteland

Christopher Gesteland

Network Director-West
Missy Mackay-Whiteurs

Missy Mackay-Whiteurs

Director-District-Wide Athletics and Coordinator-Title One
Stacey Briggs

Stacey Briggs

Theresa Mbaku

Theresa Mbaku

Director I- Certified

Our Purpose:

  • To develop, build and sustain learning leadership and dramatically increase student learning.

We Believe:

  • School leaders are able, responsible, valuable and should be treated accordingly.
  • Effective school leadership increases student performance.
  • Effective leaders continually learn, grow and develop.
  • The proper use of learning data increases student learning.
  • You cannot have excellence without equity and you cannot have equity without excellence.
  • And support evidence-based practices in teaching, learning and leading.
  • Collaborating on behalf of student learning improves school performance.
  • We have a moral imperative to close opportunity gaps.
  • High-quality CTE courses and CTE Pathways significantly enhance students' ability to develop technical skills and academic knowledge.
  • School-based activities, arts and athletics enhance the overall school experience.

Our Focus:

  • Provide school leaders with growth evoking feedback that is based upon authentic evidence.
  • Assure students have positive transitions from one school to the next (i.e., from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school).
  • Review, analyze and utilize student learning data in a K-12 continuum that is based upon Network feeder patterns.
  • Address and eliminate opportunity gaps in Network feeder patterns.
  • Develop a collegial, collaborative and interdependent ("my gain is your gain") culture among principals and assistant principals.
  • Assist school leaders in developing, implementing and monitoring Excellence and Equity Plans (EEP).
  • Design and implement meaningful and targeted professional learning for school leaders.

Our Priorities:

  • Effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) Model in Every School
  • Engagement- Cooperative Meetings