• Kamora Masina was chosen to represent West on the 1st Team Academic All-Region team.  Congratulations!
  • Highland Swim Team
  • West High Softball Team
  • West High Drill
  • East High Women's Relay Team
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Statement of Philosophy

Participation in interscholastic athletics provides students with positive learning opportunities. Mastering physical skill, exhibiting sportsmanship, developing strategy, collaborating with teammates, creating positive attitudes, working hard, making positive choices, handling winning and losing graciously, and focusing on athletic and academic success are valuable and obtainable educational outcomes of participation. A positive educational environment provides students with opportunities to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically. Coaches, as teachers, are role models and enhance the learning climate both in actions and words. The foundational character traits of respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, and honesty shall be modeled at all levels of the athletic program. Parents are considered partners with coaches and student-athletes in the pursuit of appropriate learning and behavioral goals.


Missy Mackay Whiteurs
Missy Mackay-Whiteurs Director-District-Wide Athletics and Coordinator-Title One

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