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Curriculum and Assessment Lab

C&A is a school-based program. This means that the school does not receive any additional funding for teachers or materials other than what is allocated based on student enrollment. The program at Ensign was initiated by the staff in 2002, and at Hawthorne in 2004. 

C&A is a program based around authentic learning experiences in blended classrooms (two grade levels). Students have opportunities to work in grade bands and have each teacher for more two years, which creates a sense of community and continuity in their school experience.

The program has six Performance Results that all students strive to reach in addition to meeting Utah Core requirements:

  1. Self-directed learners
  2. Quality workers and producers
  3. Cooperative group participants and leaders
  4. Contributors to our community
  5. Complex thinkers and problem solvers
  6. Effective communicators

C&A programs are currently offered at:

  • Ensign Elementary School (grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6)
  • Hawthorne Elementary School (grades 1-2, 3-4)
  • Clayton Middle School (grades 7-8)

If you have questions about the C&A program, please reach out to the principal at the school.

To apply for the C&A Program, complete the online Open Enrollment Application (see link under Resources).  Spots are assigned by a random lottery at the end of the enrollment period. 

The Teaching and Learning department has worked with the schools in the last few years to review student data and discuss ways that the program could be replicated in other schools that wanted to develop and implement a C&A program. However, a school that decided to begin the C&A implementation process would follow the administrative procedures in Board Policy I:3: Optional and Specialized Programs.