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Stegner Young Writers

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The Stegner Young Writers' Institute is an annual writing institute co-sponsored by the Salt Lake City School District and the University of Utah.  The purpose of the Stegner Young Writer's Institute is to instruct and encourage student writers to find strength in their voice as a persuasive writer and commit their arguments to paper using evidence, logic and examples to support their claims.  A secondary purpose is to allow teachers of writing to collaboratively hone their teaching skills.  To accomplish these goals, the Stegner Writing Institute invites high school students and secondary English Language Arts teachers from the Salt Lake City School District to discover the power of writing during a two-week writing institute on the University of Utah campus during the month of June each year.  For the ten days of the Stegner Institute, students and teachers are immersed in writing workshops for 4 hours each day.  During the first week, students select a topic of personal interest and research their topic, which includes investigating their topic from different perspectives.  During the second week, students focus on supporting their claims with relevant evidence and revising their writing.  The end product is a well-supported and researched argumentative essay that is polished and ready for publication.  The magazine, Our Voices, that is published each year is the final product of students writing and celebrates Salt Lake City School District students as developing writers. 


Peggy Paterson

Peggy Paterson

Director -Language Arts