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School Resource Officers

Salt Lake City School District has focused on building and strengthening positive relationships among our students and school resource officers (SROs) over the past several years. As part of this focus, we have attended a multitude of trainings on restorative practices, conflict resolution, and social emotional development in children and adolescents.

As a result of our combined efforts, school-based citations have decreased from 503 in 2013-14 school year, to 65 in the 2019-20 school year. We will work to increase positive contacts with SROs and students through on-going trainings, evaluations, and assessment of data. A key piece of this process is the District and Salt Lake Police Department Oversight Committee, which reviews citations and SRO interventions semi-annually.

If you have specific comments, questions, or concerns regarding school-based law enforcement contact with our students, please contact your school principal or the student services director, Mindi Holmdahl, who serves as the Oversight Committee coordinator.

The mission of the SRO is to provide for and maintain a safe, healthy and productive learning environment while acting as a positive role model for students in the School District by working in a cooperative, proactive, problem-solving partnership between the Police Department and the School District. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Informal Counselor​ 

  • Initiate Positive Interactions​
  • Positive role model​ 
  • Intervene to prevent crisis
  • Divert students from juvenile justice system using available


  • Advise crisis and incident management​ 
  • Promote crime prevention through environmental design – access control​ 
  • Be a resource for students, parents, and community ​ 

Law Enforcement

  • Respond to on-campus calls and emergencies​ 
  • Deter on campus crime​
  • Utilize restorative approach​ 
  • Issue citations and make arrests when necessary

If you a have an feedback or concerns regarding a SLCSD School Resource Officer, please complete the form at this link.  This form will be send to Student Services Director, Mindi Holmdahl.

Restorative Practices

Build relationships in the schools and the community

Prevent and resolve conflicts


Repair harm and restore positive relationships

Mindi Holmdahl

Organization Information

Student Services
Director-Student Services and Counseling

Contact Information

Work Email

The Salt Lake City Police Department’s core youth prevention and intervention component the Promising Youth Project is a comprehensive crime, violence, and gang reduction program. The project works with collaborating government agencies and community groups in Salt Lake City. The purpose of the Promising Youth Project is to provide promising youth with the opportunities and support needed to unlock their promising potential. The project achieves this by teaching life skills, social-emotional learning skills, conflict resolution skills, and resistance techniques to antisocial behaviors. The Promising Youth Project conducts case management for program participants by assessing their individual risks and needs, connecting them with a variety of services and opportunities through a multi-disciplinary intervention team, and conducting ongoing support and follow-up with participants.

Promising Youth Project