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ESL Endorsement Information

State and federal law, policies, and regulations provide parameters regarding the education of students who are Multi-Language Learners (MLL) in the United States. School districts must identify students, assess their abilities to understand, speak, read, and write English, and provide comprehensible and content-based instructional programs. 

All SLCSD educators must have an ESL endorsement (district modified or state). Elementary teachers, core content secondary teachers (science, mathematics, ELA, Social Studies), and academic coaches in core areas are required to have an ESL Endorsement (six classes).

Secondary elective teachers, administrators, and other educators can complete the entire endorsement or an SLCSD Modified Endorsement (1-3 classes, depending on your role). Please see that application for specific requirements. The modified endorsement is only recognized in the SLCSD. The application with course information is posted in Resource section on the right.

SLCSD provides an ESL endorsement program designed to provide educators with the knowledge and strategies to support English language learners in their classrooms.  ESL Endorsement classes are graduate-level classes offered with university credit, so they will count toward a professional lane change. The complete ESL Endorsement (six classes) is granted by USBE and is recorded on your teaching credential. The modified endorsement is only recorded on your SLCSD record.

Cohorts begin every two years. Sign-up information is sent out  through the district email system and can be found on MIDAS. Information about the most current cohort is also posted on this webpage. 

All participants have to register with SUU for credit. There is no cost to apply to the university program. Each course, with fees, is $72 for posted credit. There are no additional costs per class. 

ESL Endorsement classes are currently only available to employees in the SLCSD. 

How do I sign up for the endorsement?

The SLCSD Endorsement is posted on MIDAS. Cohort 5, beginning April 2022, is currently full. Information about Cohort 6 will be sent out in Fall 2022.

How are SLCSD ESL classes taught?

Our ESL endorsement is an online course. There are no set meeting times, but assignments are scheduled to be completed weekly. There are online discussions that must be conducted within a specific timeframe. 

What if I already have earned my ESL Endorsement through my university program or in another district or state?

You must submit your courses to the Utah State Board of Education for review and approval. Make sure USBE posts your endorsement to your credential. If your previous ESL endorsement is missing any requirement for USBE, make sure you receive a list of course to complete the endorsement in writing.

I started my endorsement through the SLCSD / BYU / SUU program, but didn’t finish. What should I do now?

Make sure you know which Domains you completed both the class and the required professional development. These classes should then be marked as “complete” and be listed on your University / College transcript. You can then complete the other required classes from any other program that is approved and listed on the USBE Application.


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