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ESL Endorsement Information

State and federal law, policies, and regulations provide parameters regarding the education of students with limited English proficiency (LEP) in the United States. These require that school districts appropriately identify students, assess their abilities to understand, speak, read, and write English, and provide comprehensible and content-based instructional programs. 

All SLCSD educators must have an ESL endorsement (district modified or state). SLCSD provides an ESL endorsement program designed to provide educators with the knowledge and strategies to support English language learners in their classrooms. 

ESL Endorsement classes are graduate-level classes offered with university credit, so they will count toward a professional lane change.

Cohorts begin every fall. Sign-up information is sent out in the previous spring through the district email system. All participants have to register with SUU for credit. There is no cost to apply to the university program. Each course, with fees, is $72 for posted credit. There are no additional costs per class. 

SLCSD uses MIDAS to manage registration lists.

ESL Endorsement classes are currently only available to employees in the SLCSD. 


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