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Board Meeting Report - March 14, 2023

The Board of Education of Salt Lake City School District (the Board) held its latest public meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 to discuss topics related to their search for a new superintendent.

Stakeholder Committee

The Board will appoint a stakeholder committee made up of employees, parents, community members, and students, and they will be tasked with reviewing the superintendent applications and providing feedback to the Board of Education. Committee members will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to reviewing applications. Two motions were moved to the action agenda and approved by Board members

  1. The stakeholder committee members will be asked to come to the district office during regular working hours to read and evaluate the applications. Alternate accommodations will be considered on an individual basis to resolve potential conflicts in committee members’ schedules. 
  2. The district will request the Salt Lake City Mayor or her designee to be part of the stakeholder committee.

Draft Superintendent Contract

The district’s Executive Director of Policy and Legal Services reviewed a draft copy of the employment contract between the new superintendent and the Board of Education. She told Board members that in writing the draft contract, she had studied previous contracts used in this district, as well as superintendent contracts used in other districts in Utah and across the country. The draft contract has also been reviewed by the Board of Education’s legal counsel. Board members provided feedback and edits to the draft contract. The Board will discuss and finalize the new contract in a future Board meeting. 

Interview Questions

The Board President handed out a list of questions used in hiring the district’s previous superintendent. Additionally, the Utah School Boards Association had earlier provided interview questions used by other districts throughout the state. The Board President asked Board members to review the questions they have been given and be ready to discuss and approve a list of questions they will use for this hiring process during future Board meetings.