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Rudy Gobert and Smith's Open Food Pantry at Northwest Middle School

Rudy Gobert walking through aisle of food pantry

Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert and Smith’s are joining forces with Northwest Middle School and the Salt Lake Education Foundation to ensure that students and their families do not go hungry with the Northwest Family Center’s food pantry. The pantry will provide students and their families with access to emergency food and the ability to learn about other community resources. The food pantry is made possible by contributing funds from Smith’s Food & Drug Stores and Rudy’s Kids Foundation.

Approximately 86% of the student body at Northwest are living below the poverty line, including 30 homeless students. Research shows that students who fight hunger are unable to concentrate, have poor attendance, and suffer anxiety. These students fall behind academically, drop out before graduation, exhibit behavior problems, and experience substance abuse issues. Children need nutrients so they can grow, develop and focus on learning instead of thinking about where their next meal will come from.

Rudy Gobert established Rudy’s Kids Foundation in an effort to protect, promote and empower kids to rise above their life challenges towards their success. Since 2017, Rudy’s Kids has been dedicated to giving back to core communities around the world through a variety of community programs in education, recreation, community health, and community outreach. Rudy’s Kids seeks to identify, partner with, and support outstanding charities that directly impact the lives of youth through their generous contributions of time, skill, and commitment.

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