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SLCSD Celebrates Five Outstanding STEM Students

The University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair (USEF) Senior Division competition was recently held on March 12, 2020, at the University of Utah’s Rice Eccles Stadium. High school competitors from the Salt Lake City School District, Canyons, Granite, Murray, North Sanpete, Park City, and Tooele School Districts as well as the Salt Lake Catholic Diocese presented their projects to a panel of judges from the local science and engineering community. Winning students’ projects are deemed the most influential and promising in the scientific and engineering endeavors, acknowledging a high-level engagement in scientific research exhibited by each of the winners.

It is with great honor that we announce the five ISEF Grand Champion Winners from Salt Lake City School District: Olivia Slaughter, Molly Chien, Seung Jean Yoo, Christopher Li, and Clara Tandar. Their project titles are as follows:

  • Olivia Slaughter and Molly Chien from Salt Lake Center for Science Education: “Analyzing the Cortisol Levels of Ochotona princeps and Temperature Trends in the Great Basin Alpine Microclimate Habitats.”  
  • Seung Jean Yoo from West High School: “Using Machine Learning to Classify Dwarf Galaxy Candidates” 
  • Christopher Li from West High School: “Applying RNAi Screening to Identify Novel Genes that Control Intestinal Stem Cell Proliferation and Gut Regeneration.” 
  • Clara Tandor from West High School: “Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Synergy Screen to Enhance Chemotherapeutic Sensitivity.” 

Our heart-felt congratulations go out to these fine SLCSD students for the excellence they have shown in the fields of science and engineering. We regret that due to the current pandemic they will not have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with their peers at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. We ask you to please reach out to each of these students to congratulate them on their accomplishments and to personally recognize their achievements.