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Two Nibley Park Students Win in Water Science and Engineering Competition

Two Nibley Park K-8 School students, Takarah Parker and Kadence Gholson, won the Big Idea Category in the Salt Lake County Coalition Water Science and Engineering Competition.

The competition asked students to create a 3-6 minute video showcasing their ideas on how to address common water problems. 

  • Climate change impact on water availability and quality
  • Impaired or polluted waterways
  • Lack of access to clean water
  • Rising water demand

There were four competition categories.

  • Big Idea- Present a detailed persuasive narrative. Tell about your plan to address your selected challenge
  • Prototype- Design, build, and demonstrate a model of your solution to your water-related challenge
  • Experiment- Present your experiment and results for at least 2 attempts to mitigate your selected challenge
  • Nature as a Solution- Explain and demonstrate how to show that nature itself can act as a solution to your selected water crisis challenge

Takarah and Kadence were honored and recognized for their win by their school and during a recent Board of Education meeting. Their award-winning video can be seen on YouTube.