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Request to Speak

Thank you for your interest in speaking with the board at one of its upcoming board meetings.  The board enjoys the opportunity to hear from the public during the public comment portion of board business meetings. To sign up to speak at the next board business meeting, please contact April Johnson, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at 801.578.8351 or and she will assist you. 

Please be aware that unless your topic is already on the agenda, state law prohibits the board from deliberating or taking action on items raised during public comment. However, the board president may direct district staff to follow up with you after the board meeting.

The board allows a total of 15 minutes for public comment; individuals have three minutes to address the board while groups can take up to five minutes. While the board values civil discourse, please be aware that the board does not allow comments that are slanderous and/or obscene.

If you prefer, you can submit written comments to be distributed to the board and included in the official minutes of the board meeting. Written comments can be submitted at any time, and April Johnson can assist you with this option as well. 

Again, thank you for sharing your views with the board.