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Counseling Services

SLCSD school counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all.  Counselors collaborate with families, teachers, administrators, and the community for student success.  Counselors act as a change agent to improve equity and access, achievement, and opportunities for all students.

School counselors help all students: 

  • apply academic achievement strategies 

  • learn and apply social and emotional skills and strategies

  • plan for postsecondary options 

Parents can specifically request any of the following supports: 

  • individual student academic planning and goal setting 

  • school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards 

  • crisis intervention

  • short-term counseling to students  

  • referrals for long-term support

  • advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings

  • data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges 


Stacey Lindsay

Stacey Lindsay

Education Specialist

In case you missed the Social Media: Protecting Your Child by Staying Aware and Involved webinar, use the links below to access a recording of the session.



First page of the PDF file: Social-Media-Protecting-Your-Child_PG
First page of the PDF file: socialmediaspanish