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Parent Resources

Below is a list of resources for parents to use with their students during the Learn from Home time. We will continue to update this resource list throughout the Learning at Home time.

UEN-Utah's Education Network

UEN Learn from Home for Parents

This is a great resource that has information and learning tools for students, parents, and teachers.


Nearpod is a great tool to use with your student and can be done at home. It is an online tool available to anyone with any device connected to the internet. It is very engaging and students get the opportunity to participate live or on their own.

Click here to be connected to a tutorial from Nearpod for Parents.This is a web site.

Resources for Helping Your Child with Learning at Home 

How to Keep Kids Learning When They're Stuck at Home - Common Sense Media

As more schools shut down to stave off the spread of the coronavirus, you might be wondering what the heck you're supposed to do with your kids home all day. If you're lucky, you can stay home with them—while juggling conference calls or paying bills at the same time. And if you can't, hopefully you can find help or set up a system to keep in touch with your kids throughout the day while they're home alone.

Celebrities Read Aloud

This is an article from the New York Times with links for you and yours to listen and watch as celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, read books aloud. 

Supporting Families During Covid-19

From the Child Mind Institute.

This is a great resource to support students, self-care, and other strategies to help during this time of learning from home.

10 Tips for Digital At-Home Learning During COVID-19

This article provides tips for parents to work with students. It includes things such as work space and recess for you and your family.

A Big List of Podcasts for Little Kids

This article provides some of the great podcasts for kids of all ages. It is targeted for younger students, but adults will get enjoyment about hearing these stories read aloud and acted out, too.


It is just important to move at home to help brain development as it is at school. 

GoNoodleGoNoodle activitiy sign up

GoNoodle is a great resource for families to get moving during Learning at Home.