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Teaching and Learning


Salt Lake City School District Teaching and Learning Department

We are united around a flexible and creative instructional system that will respond to the short- and long-term needs of students to engage in meaningful learning experiences that prepare ALL students in our learning community to: 

  • Access career or college opportunities; 

  • Demonstrate civic competency; 

  • Be successful and productive contributors to their community; 

  • Act as ethical global citizens. 

Our mission and vision reflect our values: 

  • Students should understand how their education is relevant and connected to their lives. 

  • Access must be equitable for all students—and equitable means each student has the support they need to reach their potential. 

  • Our district is an interconnected system made up of individuals who have differing strengths, challenges, and goals. We honor all members of our system.  



Tiffany Hall

Tiffany Hall

Executive Director-Teaching and Learning


Gwen Servan-Hensley

Gwen Servan-Hensley

Admin. Assistant To Exec. Director of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning - Departments

First page of the PDF file: TeachingandLearningByDepartments

Our temporary district office is at:

465 South 400 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

We are located on the 3rd floor. Parking and the entrance are on the East side.

District Assessment Plan 

SLCSD is committed to fulfilling their responsibilities to ensure that students leave the district prepared to be successful in college, careers, and life. Our charge is to increase success for every student, in every classroom, every day.

Assessment is a critical element of student instruction. An assessment plan must be ongoing and systematic in order to provide evidence of student learning and provide direction for student instruction to support student achievement.

The assessment plan will ensure that the SLCSD is compliant with all federal, state, and local testing requirements. It will also provide information that will be used by decision makers about professional learning, curriculum, and instructional resources.


new course application for a School

course changE APPLiCATION for a school

Student application for credit review From an UnAccredited Institution