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Technical Services PM Schedule

Technical Services PM schedule and system checks

Daily (workdays):

  • All surveillance cameras - repair asap as needed.
  • All electronic access control device - repair asap as needed.
  • Vehicle GPS devices
  • Fire and Burglar alarm device are constantly “self-monitored” – repair as needed.
  • School Bell system are used daily and self-checked and repaired as needed.

PM/System check:


  • Start fire alarm summer horn schedule (set up schedule with principals)


  • District emergency radio system check (during “Shake Out “drill)


  • Middle and High school stage dimming system filter clean/check.
  • Access control for visitor badges disabled.
  • Start fire alarm summer horn tests as required by Fire Marshall


  • Continue fire alarm horn tests.


  • School bell schedule changes (letter to principal first)
  • HS football scoreboard checks/PM as needed.
  • HS stadium PA system checks/PM as needed.
  • Gym scoreboard checks/PM as needed
  • Middle and High School Auditorium system checks/PM as needed.
  • Continue fire alarm horn tests.