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Weapons Detectors

The Board of Education of Salt Lake City School District and district leaders are always looking for new ways to enhance school safety. Throughout the school year, our high schools report numerous instances of students bringing weapons to campus, which is of great concern to us. As a way to address this serious issue, the Salt Lake City School District will install weapons detectors at our three comprehensive high schools in the spring of 2023. These will be in place for a four-year pilot. We do not have a firm installation date yet with the vendor but will distribute that information broadly when plans are set. The three schools that will have weapons detectors are:

  • East High School 
  • Highland High School
  • West High School

These weapons detectors are fast, efficient, and minimally disruptive to students. If you’ve ever walked into a public library and have seen the machines that beep when a book is removed without being checked out, the weapons detectors are very similar. Students will be able to come and go into the building without being stopped – unless the machines detect a weapon on an individual. The weapons detectors will be monitored by a campus security coordinator. The Board approved the hiring of campus security coordinators at these high schools to oversee the operation of the weapons detectors.  

The video below shows a demonstration of how the detectors will work. 

About Evolv Detectors

Fast, Efficient Screening

  • Students move quickly through detectors
  • Up to 4,000 students an hour
  • No emptying pockets or removing bags

Real-time Threat Alerts

  • Visual alerts
  • Shows where potential threat is