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Menus & Common Concerns

For more information regarding our school menu (i.e., ingredients, caloric/nutritional information, etc.),       please click the "Interactive Menu-All Schools" link above or scan the QR code below to download our interactive school menu app.


The Salt Lake City School District recognizes that a poor diet negatively impacts students’ health, and their ability and motivation to learn. The child nutrition program provides students access to the varied and nutritious foods they need to stay healthy and energized to succeed year round.

Lydia Hales, our on-site registered dietitian, works closely with local food distributors and nutrition experts to create healthy meals with variety, appeal, and value for all students according to USDA nutritional requirements. When selecting ingredients and entrees to serve in our program we look for foods that are lean, low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar, hormone-free, additive-free, and whole grain rich.

Our school breakfast menus include whole grain-rich cereal and muffins offered as daily alternatives to the breakfast entrée of the day.

For lunch, elementary students select daily from three entrée choices and a variety of side dishes, enhanced by salad bars stocked with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable options.  Secondary students select daily from up to 20 delicious entrée options and a variety of side dishes including fresh fruits and vegetables. Student favorites include Orange Chicken, Signature Salads, and City Creek School District Pizza.

Come enjoy a healthy, delicious meal with us today!

As a district we have noted that there is a high demand for a "pork free" menu in many of our communities.  For this reason, we do not serve pork in our elementary schools or during the summer meal program. 

In the secondary school we provide multiple menu options.  Pork can be served, however, menu items must clearly state "Pork" in the menu description.  Older students will be able to easily identify pork products and select accordingly.

Please note that while we continue to serve items that resemble pork products such as Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Rib Q Sandwich, Corn Dog, and Pepperoni Pizza, they are all completely pork-free and are instead made from meats like turkey, beef and chicken. 

For questions regarding ingredients, please contact our department registered dietician - Lydia Hales.