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Staffing Projections

Early Projected Teacher Allocations for 2024-25 School Year 

This document outlines the expected number of teachers (in terms of full-time equivalents, or FTE) at each of our schools in the upcoming school year (2024-25). These projections are based on anticipated student enrollment and district teacher to student ratios. Please note that, due to a reduction in the number of elementary schools in our district starting next school year, changes to school boundaries for 14 elementary schools starting next school year, and the open enrollment opportunities available for district families, our actual enrollment numbers may look different next fall. Official enrollment counts are taken at schools throughout the state every year on October 1. In the event that enrollment is higher than expected and warrants additional staff, the district has the ability to hire additional teachers. 

The projected staffing is calculated as follows: 

- For Grades K-3, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 25 students. 

- For Grades 4-8, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 28 students. 

- For Grades 9-12, the ratio is 1 teacher for every 30.2 students. 

 Please note the 'Class size reduction' column representing extra FTE used for reducing class sizes. The total allocation for projected staffing is achieved by combining the 'HR Adjustment' and 'Class size reduction' columns. 

Additionally, there are three empty columns that represent the unassigned teachers, school-level funded FTE, and the October 1 adjustment that are not yet allocated.

Click here to view 2024-2025 preliminary staffing allocations